Are Peanuts Good For Dogs or Not?

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48 Are Peanuts Good For Dogs
48 Are Peanuts Good For Dogs

48 Are Peanuts Good For Dogs
48 Are Peanuts Good For Dogs

Are Peanuts Good For Dogs or Not?  The nut is a good food for humans. However, the food is good for humans is goodalso for animals. one of these dogs.

A dog is an animal that is not allowed to eat beans. Nuts are poisonous to your dog’s digestive system and will cause severe digestive problems and potentially failing kidneys. Because the beans are included in the list are not allowed the dog ate it, then it’s not a given.
Here we present some of the foods that are not good for dogs in addition to nuts:
* AVOCADO (including fruit, bark, seeds, leaves and stems)
* Macadamia Nuts
* Garlic
* The leaves and stems of the potato
* Tomato
* Rhubarb
* Caffeine
* Eggplant
* Food stale/already moldy
* Tobacco Products
Basically, always be careful with food consumed by your dog at any time, just as you do for your children. The best way to keep your dog stays safe and healthy is to make sure that they do not have access to food, garbage, chemicals or objects that could be harmful to their digestive tract.
No problem to give food to your dog as long as you know what ingredients are used. Search all natural products to give your pet dog at best, and at the same time can avoid health problems your dog.

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