28 Blind Dog
28 Blind Dog

Blind Dog and how to treat it

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28 Blind Dog
28 Blind Dog
Blind Dog and how to treat it. There are several causes of dog we blind i.e.: injuries, birth defects, illness or because of age. All of that could cause or contribute to the blindness of the dog. If the cause of blindness is limited to the eyes and the dog’s health is not compromised, then the blind dog can live a life that is quite normal. Their remaining senses can help them adapt to their environment. Did you know that the dog’s senses. … “the vision actually number three behind the importance of hearing and sense of smell”. You will need to utilize their other senses, plus a sense of touch, to help your dog recognizethe environment and interact with others.
There are some tips that will help Your blind dog adjust to a new situation:
Speak with Your blind dog with a normal tone of voice and cheerful.
Your voice is very soothing to your pet. Be sure to talk to your dog (as often as possible) and let him know when you meet him before you touch it. Your voice plus walking with feet “heavy” vibrations to make the dog will alert you that you’ll be dating him.
You and your family members can use the small bell.
The sound of bells that will alert You to the existence of blind dog you. Some dogsmay become depressed due to their blindness. You can help by keeping a positive attitude with your dog by keeping was like; go for a walk, keep playing with toy Favorites, etc.
Using the other senses: through toys and play. as in toys that use the Bell or other sound makers. Squeaky toys can also be used and this will help him follow and find the piece. So the dog can and learn the names of the toys. The sound is unique and flavorful would be helpful. Use it to strengthen the learning and training.
The above ways will greatly assist us in the face of a blind dog. Please note that blindness in dogs does not mean the end of the dog’s quality of life. With patience and training, it will be beneficial for us and our dog in the years to come.

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