34 Cakes For Dogs
34 Cakes For Dogs

Cakes For Dogs are delicious and delicious

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34 Cakes For Dogs
34 Cakes For Dogs

Cakes For Dogs are delicious and delicious/

The stages of making dog cookies include,

1. Preparation Ingredients, including chicken eggs 1 grain, fine flour / wheat 150 gr, wheat flour / wheat 75 gr, carob 50 gr powder, others 5% (meat 50 gr, 10 grams of calcium powder, vitamins and fish oil sufficiently). With such composition can usually produce about 200-300 gr cookies.

2. Development Phase:

– The raw materials are stirred together with enough water

– The finished dough is manually printed using the spoon then placed on the mold. Printing tools used in the desired shape such as bones, dolls, steak, pizza and others

– After printing, place on a baking sheet and order

– Then the pan is put in the oven, wait until it is dry and get a nice mature color with an average oven heating for 0.5 hours with a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius, depending on the size and size.

– Remove the pan from the oven, then let stand for about 15 minutes. Do not leave it too long in the open air and immediately packed to maintain the quality of the product.

– Use plastic packaging size 100-150 gr and then glued / closed using engine sealer

Good luck…..

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