54 Does Chocolate Kill Dogs
54 Does Chocolate Kill Dogs

Does Chocolate Kill Dogs or not ?

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54 Does Chocolate Kill Dogs
54 Does Chocolate Kill Dogs

Does Chocolate Kill Dogs or not ? For us humans, chocolate is a very delicious food, not nearly troubled spots for youand on our health. At best only adds weight and damage the teeth.
But for our pet dog, turns brown is very dangerous because the substances contained therein. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine. the substance theobromine turned out to be a very toxic substance to our pet dog. A lot of people underestimate and keep providing chocolate as a snack on pet dogs. They usually say, my dog is familiar and very hooked with chocolate, but there has never been a problem??? . In fact, every year many Americans, especially in the case of the death of a dog that reportedly caused by Brown.
But for the record not all chocolate contains Theobromine of the same substance, Brown will be sorted here which has the substance Theobromine starting from the lowest to the highest that chocolate contains Theobromine substances:
1. White chocolate
2. Brown liquid (powder)
3. Chocolate milk
4. raw Chocolate
5. Cocoa powder
6. Brown seeds
Views of the order then the Brown seeds are poisonous, although most dogs really enjoy the food we provide, but do not brown because it can make them sick to fatal consequences, so do never give chocolate as a snack, unless it has been specially made dog.
Chocolate poisoning dogs stricken with abdominal pain and is usually accompanied by vomiting blood. The vomit is usually smells of chocolate. Then the dog will produce salivary fluid overload, anxiety, and it’s difficult to stand or walk because the body feels stiff and seizures. Thirst will increase whereas saliva hold out, the dog will drink until then vomiting again.
If not immediately given aid, State dog will become worse as the increased breathing, muscle tremors, rigid body, urine containing blood, turn blue gums, seizures, andeventually die.
Usually, the vet if see any of these symptoms most convicting dog distemper disease affected a nerve because the symptoms are almost the same. Well, in Indonesia rarely die from dog attacks reported toxic chocolate but more often reported due todistemper attacks nerves or drug toxicity to insects.
There are no medications that can offer the Brown poison. Usually by doctor dog only in drip and given supplemental oxygen so that the dog can endure to poison the missing chocolate by itself. If already know that chocolate turns very dangerous dog, made from now on stop the habit of giving chocolate on our dog.

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