11 Dog Bar
11 Dog Bar

Dog Bar a pleasant and fun place to visit

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11 Dog Bar
11 Dog Bar

Dog Bar a pleasant and fun place to visit. A city in Denmark have a unique way to attract tourists to come. They set the bar of dogs that are specific for the dog lover in Germany and around the world.
The city named Holstebro was concerned about the declining numbers of tourist visits foreign countries in some time, therefore they plan to create unique destinations.It is a special dog is the bar, where the animals can eat and drink, as well as their owners can relax.
Alerts you of Daily Meal, authority Holstebro leery of a bill that they charge the pastyear as one of the causes of the decline in the number of visits. The legislation in question is the pet dog would be put to death when hurt or frighten people. In addition, the same law also apply when the authorities suspect of such dangerous dog.
The legislation is not considered friendly to pets, especially dogs. The effects, the citizens of the neighbouring Denmark Germany, do not want to vacation to those countries, especially if they bring the dog’s favorite.
“The citizens of Germany assume a dog is part of the family, sometimes they regarddogs as children of her own,” call the tourism consultant Holstebro, who was the architect of the dog bar.
Unfortunately, the presence of a dog that does not bar immediately deletes the previous law. But, at least now Germany tourist who brought the dog can relax in the bar while considering other destinations in Holstebro.

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