36 Dog Belly Button
36 Dog Belly Button

Dog Belly Button and learn to help the dog gives birth

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36 Dog Belly Button
36 Dog Belly Button
Dog Belly Button and learn to help the dog gives birth. In General a dog race that will give birth to the first new gave birth to what else needed help. Unlike the existing wild dogs in the woods or around us. Dog breeds have become accustomed to a life of dependence of human beings so that its natural instinct is diminished or lost. The dog be not knowing what to do after his son was born. There is a dog that after giving birth to let her offhand is still wrapped with the placenta. If silenced for too long, the puppy would die because it couldn’t breathe.
Unlike dogs living wild, they still have a natural instinct. Usually ahead of the birth, the dog will find a hiding. The most ideal place for dogs to give birth is under the ground. The dog will dig into the soil until she can go and hide. Dogs have a natural instinct will soon be tearing her son’s placenta, amniotic fluid so his son licking it dry.
For more details see the process of birth below:
1. After the baby comes out soon to lift, separate the baby so we easily clean it.
2. Immediately torn placenta wrapped the baby, hold the baby correctly because the amniotic fluid is very slippery. Use cloth towels to drain the fluid. Rub the towel from the back of the baby so that the baby can breathe and warm. If the baby is notbreathing immediately follow the instructions in the following photos.
3. use the tool as shown in the image above, this tool you can buy at camera storespays to clean up the grime. Input pumps into the oral cavity with a deflating or pressing part balloon. And then release the balloon section so that the tool is immediately sucking the liquid that is in the mouth. Remember, don’t be deflating the tool inside the cavity of the mouth or the nose because it will blow out or pushing fluids go deeper. After the fluid is sucked, soon be pumping this tool so that fluids could be sucked out. Repeat these steps repeatedly until the amniotic fluid is lost.
4. Suction fluid also is on the nose.
5. once the baby dog breathe and cry (cry baby dogs indicate that hard it’s healthy)immediately with a thread or nylon belt sewing thread operations. Do not use sewing thread because it can be wrenching. Tie the cord around 0.5 cm from the base of the umbilical cord scissors then approximately 0.5 cm-1 cm of yarn ties.
6. after the umbilical cord in the belt and cut
7. Once done, scrub the cord Affairs continues to the back of the baby dog with a towel. If necessary use a tissue to dry the liquid remains in the body. Paste the body of the infant in your ears, try to hear if his breath cleaner. If the liquid sound like thoseof colds immediately repeat are siphoned off as above.
8. When it’s wrong, immediately give honey a little (about 1 small drops) so that baby dogs have energy and instincts to suck.

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