Dog Drawing is easy and practical

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50 Dog Drawing
50 Dog Drawing
How to draw dogs, namely as follows:
1. Sketch the line the edges of the head and body of a puppy. Sketch a square withthe corners that taper slightly on one side of his head and sketch the lines that crossed it. Use a square to create the back of her body, a bit thicker. Use a pencil to draw a line the edges so that it is easier to remove extra lines later.
2. Line Drawing edge both ears and limbs puppy.
3. Add tail puppy. In this illustration, the tail is lifted upwards. Usually when a dog is being excited or happy, they flick their tails or lifted up.
4. use cross mark on his face as a guide, the second image the eye, nose, and mouth of the puppy. Make a note that the dog’s nose protrudes, so when drawing his nose in this point of view, its position slightly leads to the left.
5. Black out the desired lines from the edge of the face and body. You can add a subtle slope line to make the dog look fluffy.
6. Add the spots on the picture, if you will. Dog has spots are common.
7. remove the lines that are not required from the edge. then give it color.
that is the way that must be skipped. good luck ….

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