Dog Gone Smart and how to test the intelligence of dogs

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15 Dog Gone Smart
15 Dog Gone Smart
Dog Gone Smart and how to test the intelligence of dogs. In research on animal intelligence, defining the subject matter of a study can even be difficult. Many basic questions unanswered, and those endless arguing about what is the purpose of the results of the testing. [1] therefore, although your dog gets alow score, you could still say that he is the smartest dog in the world.
1. prepare the stopwatch.
You need a clock to measure seconds for this test. This test is intended to measureproblem solving and adaptation to the environment.
2. Throw in the towel on the head of a dog.
Let the dogs sniffing at a large towel or small blanket. Throw on the head of a dog,until his head covered all. Activate the stopwatch and note how long the dog escaped from the towels. Write down his score.
30 seconds or less: 3poin
31-120 seconds: 2 points
Tried but did not succeed in 120 seconds: 1 pointand remove the towels from his head!
Not trying to let go of the towel: 0 points
You need to practice throwing the towel to the top of the seat before. Towels must be thrown with the movement slowly.
3. Hide food underneath a towel.
Present the food in a dog. While paying attention to the dog, place the food on the floor. Lay a towel on it. Activate the stopwatch and see how long it takes the dog to take the food:
30 seconds or less: 3 points
31-60 seconds: 2 points
Tried but failed in 60 seconds: 1 point
Not trying: 0 points
4. prepare a cavity that is low.
For this test, you need a low cavity so that the dog can reach with talons, not with the muzzle. A sofa can be used, or you need to make your own with two books anda wide Board. Give the load at the top of the Board so that the dog cannot drop it
5. Teslah dog with a puzzle.
Place the food on the bottom of the Board or the sofa, while the dog noticed. Pushthe food to be pretty far in the bottom so that the dog could not reach with their snout. Commanded the dog to take the food while You count them:
Managed in 2 minutes (using paws): 4 points
Success in 3 minutes (using paws): 3 points
Failed in 3 minutes, but using his paws: 2 points
Fails, only use the snout: 1 point
Not trying: 0 points
6. Teach dogs to find hidden food.
The next test was made to challenge the memory of the dog, not the ability to solveproblems. To perform this test, the dog needs to understand what is going on. Place the food on the bottom of the plastic cup, and then tell the dog to find it. Raise a Cup to show where these foods are on the dog. Do this about eight or ten times, until the dog learns if the food is under the Cup.
7. Teslah memory of dogs.
Place three buckets or plastic cup in reverse on the floor, which are as wide as the soles of each other. Place the food under one of the cups, while the dog noticed. Make a dog out of the room for 30 seconds, and then sign in again. Commanded the dog to find food.
Check the bottom right of the Cup at the first attempt: 2 points
Find food in two minutes: 1 point
Not finding food: 0 points
8. give a score for the results of the ability of the dog.
Add all the points of the dog and notice how the result:
11-12 points: Canine Genius
8 – 10 points: Students Honor School Dog
4 – 7 points: Short Furry Animals Belongs with average Intelligence
1 – 3 points: Barker, not Thinkers
0 points: you might just test the broom

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