Dog Life that we do not know yet

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41 Dog Life
41 Dog Life
Dog Life that we do not know yet. A dog‘s life is not yet we know include:
1. Dogs are not color blind
Did you know that the dog was apparently not color blind
Surely you‘ve heard the myth that the dog is actually color blind, can only see black and white. But in fact dogs are not color blind, they can differentiate colors. Thoughunlike humans who can see millions of colors, the dog is in fact not always see everything in black and white. Indeed, the dog can not distinguish the color between green and red colors, but the dogs can see colors in the form of a yellow or blue shadow.
2. Dogs Can Eat vegetables and fruits
The fact turns out to be the dog eating vegetables and fruits
It is not seldom the dogs described as Carnivorous animal, i.e. most of the coverage of their food is in the form of meat.
But did you know that the dog actually likes raw vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits it acts as a snack food that make the body, skin, and their feathers becomehealthier. Plus more the texture of vegetables makes their teeth as white than if you only consume meat.
But keep in mind to avoid vegetables form a type of onion or raisins from your dog.It can result in toxic to animals.
3. Never give Chocolate
Never give your dog chocolate because it can be dangerous. As dog lovers you’ve probably heard about the myth that chocolate can be toxic to dogs. If most of the myths it is wrong, but this one turned out to be true it is. Brown has a chemical content i.e. Theobromine and is a poison that can be fatal to dogs if consumed between100-150 mg of the overall weight is the weight of the dog. If your dog is 10 kg, then the content of 1-1.5 grams of Theobromine in chocolate can be toxic to Your pet dog is fatal.
4. the Dog Subdued Was longer than the aggressive Dog
An aggressive dog was shorter than the dog subdued. Research has been carried out in June of 2010 and then by The American Naturalist 56 against this type of dog. The study tried to find out the various factors that determine the personality, energy, growth and lifespan of the dog. It turns out that the dog with aggressive or fierce have rapid growth and died young. The opposite also happens i.e. dogs that are benign or not too aggressively will have a longer lifespan.
5. Dogs can smell the Sickness
Dogs can smell whether his employer was ill or not. Dogs have a very keen sense of smell and it is already known publicly, but it turns out that the dog also can smell the sickness. If you have cancer, diabetes or epilepsy, may be the first to know us animal that is a dog.
In a study of research it turned out that the dog can be trained to sniff out cancer inthe lung, breastprostate and skin. The researchers suspect that dogs can smell thedistinct issued from people with abnormal cells or being sick.
6. Dogs are very sensitive to Lightning
Hearing dogs are also extremely sharp until the sound of Thunder or lightning can make your ears ache. Did you know that Thunder or lightning that occurs when raincan lead to frequency or vibration that makes the dog’s ears to ache? Therefore in case of Thunder or lightning, sometimes the dog barking shock and that’s because they are very sensitive to lightning to limit their ear pain because of it.
7. Dogs love to eat ice cream
The dog can eat grass or dirt in order to create a better digestion. Not only for theman, it turns out that the ice cream can also be a snack for dogs. The ice cream can act as a substitute for water when they are dehydrated. The ice cream has the nutrients and vitamins liquid that can make their feathers more healthy. But as said before, be careful if the ice cream it was chocolate ice cream because it in fact will be toxic to a dog.
8. The dog ate the dirt and Grass
Dogs also love to eat ice cream as a backup for dehydration
Don’t be surprised, because it is already common in some dogs if they lack minerals and nutrients. Even they can eat their own shit for taking minerals and nutrients in the feces.
As for the grass, dogs eat it in order to help their digestion treatment or when theyfeel uncomfortable and would like to spew things in their body.
9. The dog can be Jealous
Not only humans dogs can also be jealous over his fellow man
Likening humans, it turns out that the dog can also be jealous. This might sound strange that the dog has a feeling of jealousy like a man.

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