2 Dog Registration
2 Dog Registration

Dog Registration and benefits of preserving dog

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2 Dog Registration
2 Dog Registration

Dog Registration and benefits of preserving dog. Not just a hobby, it turns out that kept the dogs can also provide many benefits. According to a number of research results, keep a dog can give a positive impact against the health psychology and the owners of a pet dog and these include:

The impact of psychology

The dog can be friends and playmates, so keep it can relieve loneliness.
Physical closeness between dogs and their owners can create comfort, through physical contact such as stroking, kissing and hugging the dog.
Dogs can help their owners become more relaxed. Heart rate and blood pressure are high get off by looking at the physical contact or a pet dog. So it could be stress.
Dogs can also be a guard dog that can give you a sense of security. They can recognize and react quickly to people who are not well known.
In addition to physical protection, dogs can also provide a sense of security, as emotionally to face the darkness or fear in their own home.
Keep a dog can also be a means of social interaction. Like, the Group made certain dog lovers or just bring dog walks around the House so neighbors who had not know will invite to chat about your dog.
Have a healthy and funny dog or winning the contest would give pride and prestige. Especially if the dog is a descendant of rare. This will evoke a sense of pride for their owners.
As a hobby, keep a dog can be a fun activity at your leisure. A dog who likes to play can provoke you to come into play with him, so you’ll be made into a more relaxed, uplifting and more active. The Member’s meal, smoothing feathers and bring the dog walks can also provide its own pleasure.
Dogs also give special benefits for seniors. A dog can be a good and loyal friend to accompany seniors. With feed dogs will stimulate them to eat along with the dog.
When you lose a loved one or are feeling very sad and depressed, the presence of dogs can provide much needed emotional support.

Health Impact

Aged longer.
Controls blood pressure becomes lower.
When you have heart disease, tend to be smaller, have a heart attack.
Have better motivation and more has a specific purpose.
Be more concerned with the interests of others than his own interests.
Reduce stress and more quickly recover from the strain.
More emotionally powerful and smaller suffer from depression.
Make someone more patient and not too aggressive.
More tolerant of other people’s mistakes.

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