67 Dog Tags
67 Dog Tags

Dog Tags and how to remove it from the skin

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67 Dog Tags
67 Dog Tags

Dog Tags and how to remove it from the skin. Skin tags are the bumps in the skin of a dog that is usually already aging and can beexperienced by any dog breeds. Usually skin tags appear at the knees, waist, underarm, sides of the front foot, and did not close the possibility to appear in the body ofanother dog. Although skin tags are harmless, but can make dogs look less attractive and hurt the dog when caught. If you try to remove skin tags yourself, we recommend that you first consult with your vet or better leave it alone.
Cut Off Skin Tags
1. To remove skin tags, cut it off at the handle. Cut off part of the base of the stalk that sticks to the skin using scissors with curved Mayo scissors. Prepare a bandage because this process will make the dog skin becomes bloody.
2. If you want to wait for a skin tag in spite of itself, you can tie it up to date. Make a skin tag that toned at the end near the skin using a clean strap, thread or dental floss. At first the dog will feel a little sick, but will disappear gradually.
Please check the skin tag is tied to every day. The tag will swell for about three daysand then deflate. Tag is blackish and apart within one week.
3. Immediately cover the wound with gauze while pressed. Not many people can do cut skin tags are sterile as done by the vet. Simply press the part that injureda few minutes until the bleeding stops. Compared to it, the more effective this way to sterilize wounds.
4. Cover the injured section with the meeting. Add a bandage or gauze to cover the injured part without releasing the first bandage. Keep the dog not to lick his wounds or play with. The wound will be healed within three to five days.
5. Check the wound regularly. Be sure not to wound infections. Take your dog to the vet to get further treatment in case of an infection.
6. use E-collar on your dog’s neck. If he always tried to lick his wounds, you have to put on her funnel. E collar shaped funnels will prevent wound licking dog or tags are attached.

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