75 Dogs Oodle
75 Dogs Oodle

Dogs Oodle is small and adorable

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75 Dogs Oodle
75 Dogs Oodle

Dogs Oodle  is small and adorable. oodle or Poodles are a popular breed of dog comes in a variety of sizes and colors.This dog is considered the second most intelligent dogs after Border Collie.
Poodles have a long history. They were originally bred in Germany to be used as dog for hunting. They are very good at hunting in the water, where they will take on waterfowl such as ducks. Poodles have curly fleece, while the long fur will protect an important part of the dog. They were also bred to be a very good swimmer.
Poodles Have different Sizes
There are various sizes of poodles. The difference is determined by how high they are (measured from shoulder). The American Kennel Club has defined three types ofpoodle based on size:
-Standard Poodle – more than 15 inches High
-Miniature Poodle – Height between 10 and 15 inches
-Toy Poodle – less than 10 inches High
All this height measured at the highest point of the shoulder.
Poodles have curly fur that is not easily fall out. Therefore they can become good pets for people with allergies. The curly fur, however, needs to be cared for properlyso it doesn’t look matted and dull. Poodle fur in general one color. They come in different colors, black, white, red, Brown, gray, and cream.

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