24 Games For Dogs
24 Games For Dogs

Games For Dogs and How to play with the dog

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24 Games For Dogs
24 Games For Dogs
Games For Dogs and How to play with the dog. For most people, playing with pet dog is a fun activity. Like to play is the innate nature of dogs especially children — and the nature of the dog into a good opportunity for the owner to familiarizing yourself with pet dogs. The play is also an important activity that can keep your dog mental and emotional health. In addition, the play can be a form of exercise or physical activity that is fun for the dog. There are a variety of games that can be played, from the start of the game that can be done spontaneously to sports games and intense competition and advertising. Try to play with your dog twice a day for (briefly) fifteen minutes. For dogs that are difficult to control and easily upset, it’s good You extend the playing time that he remains happy. By studying the types of toys and games, you can easily rotate and adjust routines play along with your dog.
1. Play a game of attraction along with your dog.
Most dogs instinctively love to play tug of war because that game is one of the ways I do puppies to play while pulling something with her mouth. Choose a long and soft toys (e.g. stuffed animals or rope tallies) that you can pull from your dog’s mouth and not easily regardless of your hand when your dog biting and plucked his head. Hold one end of the toy with both hands and apply a command like “take!” in a game. Having your dog pull it without dropping it, wait for ten to twenty seconds before you give another command to release the toy (e.g. the command “drop it!”).
Surely it will take time to teach your dog commands mentioned earlier. Use positive reinforcement and snacks when you teach these commands. For example, seize thesnacks in one of your hands while you say the command “drop it!” Repeat the command, but do not directly provide snacks until you release the dog toys that the retraction. After several times, your dog will begin associating the phrase and obeying even without the treat.
In contrast to this long believed by many people, it doesn’t matter if every now and then you let your dog win a tug-of-war game. This is the right tactic, especially to encourage your dog’s confidence in play. In addition, it is also not thus making your dog think that he is a leader.
2. Teach your dog to catch objects.
Although many types of hunting dogs which have long been bred to catch or ‘ hunting ‘ something (think dog retriever), almost all types of dogs love to play catch. You can use ordinary toys (e.g. balls) or even objects such as frisbees or discs that are made of plastic or hard rubber. Make it so that the dog you are interested in the object of the game while you are holding the object. Make sure the eyes follow the object, to wherever you are moving it, then throw the object. Call back your dog to come while carrying the object, and then use the command “drop it!” as the earlier youuse to play tug of war before you throw the object again.
If at first your dog doesn’t understand that you wanted him to take the object, startteach it to capture objects play a game of tug of war that requires you to toss a toyso far few meters. Your dog will pick it up when the toys thrown in the distance. Slowly in the distance you can throw these exercises until finally becoming a game of throwing a catch.
Though usually people used twigs when playing catch, throwing twigs can actually injure your dog’s mouth or cause other injuries. Instead of using branches, use toys that are safe for dogs. You can also use a soft doll to play catch throwing inside the House.
This game can also be a form of exercise that is fun for you and also doesn’t make you too exhausted. With the change of direction, distance, and altitude of the throw, you can make your dog is still excited to play in a shorter period of time.


This might be a little input and many more games that we can do with the dog‘s petat home.

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