19 Gun Dog Magazine
19 Gun Dog Magazine

Gun Dog Magazine and other types of hunting dogs

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19 Gun Dog Magazine
19 Gun Dog Magazine
Gun Dog Magazine and other types of hunting dogs. Dog bounty hunter working for the man who was fond of hunting, the Dogs they do in training for hunting. This is a list of the various types of entities have special expertise from his race to help a human hunting. Their main role is to help humans and not eat prey hunting for themselves.
Dogs are distinguished by excellent vision or a keen sense of smell and are able to see/smell their prey from a distance. They can also work on its own without the help of man. some types of Dogs get their orders from the man to attack prey and catch it with their mouths.
1. Labrador Puppy is the perfect Dog of all the characteristics of a hunting dog. They are intelligent and friendly, they’re much better as a Hunter in the water. They were able to catch prey with very soft.
2. Like Other Pointers, this one didn’t go for hunting. Instead he waited and drove the animals hunting for Hunter, well that raccoons or birds. A good pointer breed at home because it would be easier for you to train it. they are the kind of dogs that love human and easy to interact better with humans
3. other types of hunting Dogs and dogs that need your training is Brittany. They have a very good intelligence while hunting birds. Another advantage of Brittany is easy to breed and its small size and high energy, so if you are thinking of buying one for your small children, this is the perfect choice.
4. Dog beagle has ability to hunt a very well supported with howls of both of them.They have high energy and they are good runners. Even though they have a friendlyattitude on humans, dogs beagle a little difficult to comply with orders unless you have trained them.
5. Spain water Dog capable of performing a number of missions in different habitats. Most become livestock keepers in some places in the world, water dogs as the name suggests do its job especially in the water. It is also used for search and rescue work
6. very hyper active Retrievers because every time they don’t do the job hunting, they need to give vent to their energy. They are the Best duck hunters. Golden Retriever is a dog that is easy to be trained, this dog is friendly and learners quickly understand.
7. Best Dog Pointers is very right on target and they achieve it with great patience.With their strong body can stay to wait in ambush their prey for hours because theyhad to wait for their hunters to shoot.
8. a good Runner who didn’t run out of energy to make it run. In the world of hunting dogs this is valid as well. Springer spaniel As a professional runner. Energetic, flexible, agile and fast the Spaniel is the perfect Hunter with good manners towards humans.

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