Hot Dog Pizza Hut is one of the world’s most famous foods

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37 Hot Dog Pizza Hut
37 Hot Dog Pizza Hut
Hot Dog Pizza Hut is one of the world’s most famous foods. eating is one of the basic necessities of human beings. a wide variety of cuisine served to meet the needs. as for the different types of food that are world famous, among others, as follows:
1. pizza
Who does not know this one food Pizza food originating in Italy was also already exists in our country Indonesia Pizza Hut, pizza is actually very tasty and there is an assortment of flavors, ranging from cheeses, sausages, meat and so pungent, salty well,and also provided a variety of sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest, and certainly the price is a bit expensive.
2. hamburgers
The second is the Hamburger, eat sandwiches is somewhat bulbous, and stacked, in which there is meat, salad, tomato, sauce, cheese, bread with Sesame sprinkles, eat this already familiar tidal among rich and poor alike due to its affordable price of 5,000 upwards depending on its quality.
3. hot dog
This food is not made of dog meat, but instead of bread and sausage and a few other ingredients, its shape is somewhat long oval and also tasty no matter his affordable price not much different from hamburgers.


a third of the food on the top now also present collaboration food pizza with hot dogs. What kind of food is attractive to many people, in addition to a unique special flavours also makes many people love and became menu options with family, relatives and friends.

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