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My Dog See Something

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57 My Dog
57 My Dog

My Dog See Something. We often hear how animals usually have a high sensitivity. That is why the dog or cat likes to stare at something empty and then barking or meowing. If people said, it’s because they see ghosts …
When I was 12 years old. Sitting in the living room watching tv. In the middle of the show, I hear my dog brood behind, in the kitchen. Usually he always barked when there’s something in the back garden, perhaps feral cats, squirrels, a plastic SAC fly, the Moon, and I dunno.
Because he will not cease barking, I started trying to stand up and see what’s he’s doing. Visible fur stands tall. Feathers erect. I usually only see that if he’s going to fight. Or want to.
I tried to peek out from behind the window. There is no nothing. But my dog still continue to brood. After looking at one or two minutes, I think there might be Civet animals or what is there. So yeah never mind, I open the door let my dog can get out.
He walked a few steps forward and stopped in front of me. Still, staring at the broodto one corner of the yard. Just info, when it’s midnight. So conditions in the grounds of darkness. I don’t see any. There is only a light in front of the House. And that are not the light. I looked around again. Still doesn’t seem anything …
At the moment my eyes shot up to the top of the tree, then I just saw …
Something dark with immaterial shadows, quickly floated to the top. Like the smoke that is blown, like that of the shadow is gone. Disappear in the middle of the night sky.
No sound, no rustling leaves, there is no movement of its wings, no nothing at all!!
My dog at the same time also started immediately barked loudly. He stood in front of the door. So I had to pull the ropes forcing him to sign back into the kitchen. I forced my mother woke up, tells the story of black fog issue fly over the trees, and so on. But she remains asleep.
To this day I still don’t know what I have and my dog look at that.
It’s hard to explain what it is. If it is said the bat, why there is no sound at all. If it is said to smoke, why can there be black smoke in the middle of the night in a tree? So why is his dog Yelp bandwagon? According to you, is it?

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