43 Pic Of Dogs
43 Pic Of Dogs

Pic Of Dogs and The kind of dangerous dog in the world

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43 Pic Of Dogs
43 Pic Of Dogs
Pic Of Dogs and The kind of dangerous dog in the world. PIC of the dog can be an assortment. There are cute, adorable, and there is a fierceand frightening jug of a man. Here is a review about the dogs that can be dangerous in the world.
1. Dalmatian
Dog type of Dalmatians is very protective and can be aggressive towards humans. They are very active and require a lot of exercise. They have a very sensitive nature and an excellent memory. Dalmatian is famous because of their intelligence, independent, and have a good survival instinct.
Weight: 40-70 lbs.
Origin: Yugoslavia
2. the Boxer
Unlike their name, these dogs are usually not aggressive. They are quiet, energetic and funny. Boxers have been known as dog’s stubbornness, which makes it somewhat difficult to train them, but with positive reinforcement techniques, Boxers often respond much better. Because of the harsh attitude of the head that is sometimes a good boxer can turn into aggressive and attack the humans.
Weight: 50-70 lbs.
Origin: Germany
3. Chow Chow
This dog breed may look cute and adorable, Grumpy is not visible at all, but make no mistake, this dog can become aggressive if one train it. Chow Chow got its own independent nature and prefer to be alone in her everyday
Weight: 50-70 lbs.
Origin: China
4. the Doberman
Doberman is a great guard dog that has various advantages, they have the vigilance, intelligence and a high level of fidelity. This dog is always faithful to his master or guarding and don’t hesitate attack anyone deemed disrupting what he kept him.
Weight: 65-90 lbs.
Origin: Germany
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