44 Rimadyl Dogs
44 Rimadyl Dogs

Rimadyl Dogs for dog health

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44 Rimadyl Dogs
44 Rimadyl Dogs
Rimadyl Dogs for dog health. The preparation of the Rimadyl” (for dogs), manufactured in aqueous solution for injection or in the form of a white round tablets, each present flow separator. Karprofen-active substances. This appliance is classified as a non-steroidal medications with analgesic, anti-inflammatory activity, antipyretic action is moderate.
The drug is recommended for relief of symptoms associated with the pathology of the musculoskeletal system in the acute or chronic stages. With indications includingspecific diseases of joints, in dogs, complicated by inflammation and pain. Recommended cure for osteoarthritis, and other pathological conditions. Set means Rimadyl” (the dog) in the post-operative period, when the anesthesia during the intervention, during sedation.
At the beginning of the therapy given to 4 mg per kg of animal body weight. The resulting amount is divided into two stages. After a week in accordance with the clinical dose and frequency of applications can be reduced by half. In General, the duration of treatment determined depending on the condition of animals, but after fourteen days should visit the vet. Intravenous or subcutaneous drug given at 1 mL/kg 12.5. after stabilization of the therapy can be continued on the recommendation of the vet. This animal is transferred to oral drugs.
the drug Rimadyl” (the dog) as a solution not applied in intramuscular. Do not exceed the recommended dose or increase the frequency of use. Anti-inflammatory drugs like non-other steroid, this drug is not appointed schennym slut. For relative contraindications include heart disease, liver or kidney problems. In this case, You may require a dosage adjustment. The drug is used exclusively in veterinary medicine.
Side effects like other NSAIDS received during drug therapy Rimadyl” (the dog) can develop disorders of the digestive system function. Gastrointestinal mucosa irritation occurs very rarely, usually at higher doses. In General, there is satisfactory from the tolerability of the drug Rimadyl” (for dogs). Veterinarian reviews showed the drugspeed, efficiency and a minimum number of contraindications and side effects.
In the case of an overdose should immediately call a veterinarian or take animals tothe clinic. The therapy was appointed in accordance with the clinical manifestations.Store in a dark place at normal humidity. These tablets are available in blister packsof twenty (20 or 50 mg). The five percent solution resulting in a dark glass bottle. The preparation is stable for 28 days after puncture stopper. If the use of concurrent drug Rimadyl” and “Warfarin careful monitoring of the clinical picture, because the second drug is able to bind to plasma proteins.

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